K1C camera losing connection/choppy video

Having an issue after two weeks of use on my new K1C where the video suddenly gets really choppy and then the camera completely fails and I get a connection error in the webgui. Everything in the GUI suddenly becomes really laggy, and even when refreshing the page, or trying to view through orcaslicer, cannot connect to the machine any longer. On two occasions it was followed by a print failure where the machine rebooted itself randomly. Anyone experience any issues like this? Seems like the camera itself might be failing, or something is on its way out due to heat.

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I was told that there are issues with the connector on the camera coming loose. Might try messing with the connector to be sure it can’t wiggle.

Yep, one of the first things I checked.

I have had the K1 for 6 months and the camera video has always been a tad choppy. I figured this was only normal. I also had similar problems, except for the self reboot that you mentioned a few weeks ago but they cleared up on their own the next day.