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Just a few question to the new K1C video, which I asked myself in the following video, maybe someone can answer or correct it (to by honest, already see two god other Video but somehow I stop to watch, because it got boring, I think 3D printing companies have in general some problems with their marketing directors):

Are the belts parallel now? Or are there still dimensional deviations in printed parts on X to Y or was that not the reason for deviations or does the dimensional accuracy of the parts now fit with the K1C?

1000h + so how much headach i heave to aspect in middel of secend month of use?

Why did the AI ​​fail to detect the error? Is there now a lidar that can avoid errors? Are they working on to getting it done? We don’t have to talk about the fact that the P1S or P1P doesn’t have that either, so I’m asking the question for a good reason. Looking for somthing new and may not for the next X1… So this are not provocations, these are very serious questions.

Spaghetti monitoring so you can sleep peacefully is now possible?

The app is still flooded with advertising?

This Ad Picture about the “Failed Print” refers to the Creality Print UI. If you are printing several pieces at once and you notice one of them not printing correctly you can cancel that one piece instead of the whole print job. It’s in the Creality Print slicer here:

Yes, which I consider to be standard today…

But why are there already so many layers on the error? Ok, this also happens on the P1P or P1S but S1 FLsun will hopefully call ahead like the X1 already does. Where is the AI ​​here?

I posted that because it is not part of the AI detection. You basically have to see it yourself.

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Thanks for the impute, I got almost 500 printing hours per printer per month… For the Creality S1, there I do not get more jobs for - I really look for something how can face up with the X1, can`t stay beside the of a printer and need AI. Well unfortunately even Bambu do not have any other printer as well - lets pray at least FLsun can show up with a little something of anything like AI.

I understand completely…

And Thank You for your insight too.

Hopefully AI will play more of a part of the actual printer instead of just marketing and hype… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: