K1C Extruder Issues

Anyone else having an issue with their K1C stopping in the middle of a print? Mine has a piece of filament currently stuck and I am still waiting to hear back from support on what they want me to do next?

Stuck where? They are generally easy to remove with a bit of taking things apart. Had to do a full strip down on my microswiss today, clogged hot end, bit of cleaning up of threads and holes and all back up again. Part of running these printers is being able to get stuck in and clear jams, replace nozzles, heaters, thermistors when they break and they will.

I just stumbled across the Microswiss nozzles, because I had the same problem like @CEOTheNetwork.

@Bonfireman : Regarding and disregarding this issue (which seems to be a problem overall with the original nozzle), what benefits bring the ones from Microswiss?

Mostly because it is a one piece nozzle and hotend so you get rid of the nozzle to hotend interface where there is a leak path. Downside is a Flowtech nozzle is a bit more pricey but getting rid of leaks should pay for itself. I do believe you can replace these nozzles cold.

Best clarify that my version of microswiss doesn’t have Flowtech, it a seperate hotend and nozzle, I bought it for direct drive on an Ender 5 plus to get rid of the bowden setup. I shall be upgrading my KE with the Flowtech at some juncture when clogs/leaks become an issue.