K1C Homing Issue

I have been using my K1C for over a week, yesterday I turned the printer on to do a print and when I pressed the “Home-All” button the homing position changed from the middle of the bed to the front right quadrant. When I move the hotend on the x-axis to the left it stops well short of the left edge and printer tells me it has reached the max range. The same is true for the y-axis. Also I didn’t receive an error code on the screen.

Here is what I have done to try and remedy the problem:

  1. Checked and the cables connecting both stepper motors.
  2. Checked the connections on the mainboard.
  3. Made sure there were no obstructions in the path along the x and y axis.
  4. Went into the printer.cfg file (I have it rooted) to adjust the sensorless homing sensitivity, but that didn’t work either.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

With sensorless home it’s either the points 3./4. that you have already checked or a bad motor/wiring/stepper driver or external factors such as EMF interference. Can you do a factory reset and try a not tinkered with printer.cfg?
If it’s a hardware issue it’s not so easy to find though.

Thanks for the response - I did a factory reset and it is still doing the same thing with the homing. I suspect the mainboard is bad, at least from the research I have done on the issue.

Yeah, contact the support and send them a video of the issue and ask them to replace it.