K1C Not Extruding but will Retract

Just received my K1C last week and it worked great for several small test prints and one larger print. Had a print running overnight Friday that maybe half way through just became stringy. Since then I have not been able to get it to print anything. It might extrude for a few seconds then nothing. I have cleaned everything out several times and switched to a new roll of PLA. If I tap extrude from the control panel a thin string of filament will come out just because it’s heated it. If I give the filament a slight push it will start feeding some then quite again. It will retract just fine some the motor seems to work. Really don’t want to go through the hassle of returning it as I was very impressed initially and hoping it will return to that.

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Just trying to understand what’s going on… :slightly_smiling_face:

So you unlock the extruder to push the filament…?

What are your settings and what slicer are you using…?

Yeah, that probably didn’t make a lot of sense. If while it is supposed to be extruding I give the filament a push in the back where it goes into the tube with the extruder locked. when I do this it will start feeding the filament temporarily.

I am using Creatily Print that came with the printer. I am new to this so let me know which settings you would like me to list.


When you hit extrude it should push filament out without pushing.
I assume we are extruding PLA…?
What temp does the menu show for the extruding part…?
Does it make any clicking noises…?

It should feed it without pushing but find it odd that it won’t until I do and then only for a few seconds.

Correct, hyper PLA and the temp is set at 220.

No clicking noise and it retracts just fine.


I would take the extruder apart and make sure the gears are clean and check it out inside.

The hotend might be a little different but the extruder should be the same.
Extruder Maintenence

More things to check…
Feed Issue Trouble shooting.

Thanks again jimandyen for the info and recommendations.

Being less that a week old I didn’t want to have to start taking things apart but that’s easier than shipping it back.

Will take a look at it tomorrow and report back.

Good call on the extruder maintenance video. Found a screw holding one of the gears in place had broken. Thanks for the help.

Great. Glad this forum was helpful for you…

That’s kind of odd that screw was broken… It would take some force to break unless it was cracked to begin with…??

Keep us posted…! :+1:

The forum was definitely helpful and appreciate your assistance.

Received the new extruder and upgraded motor this afternoon. Ran a test print that looked flawless and currently running a bigger print that so far looks better than it did before. I also purchased a filament dryer the other day and I believe that and the upgraded motor are big factors in the improved print quality.