K1C stops extruding at about 40% with PLA-CF

Bought new K1C during pre-release program and cannot get it to print consistently as jams in the extruder - using the B plate with .4 nozzle and 220 nozzle temp/60 bed temp - using Creality PLA-CF filament

  • figured that being an early release machine mayber the extruder was bad so replaced that - same problem
    Filament jams in the extruder between the rollers and looks “flattened” so it can’t retract or push down into the nozzle - cannot pull filament out thru top or bottom of extruder as the “flat/squished” filament wont allow it to go up or down so have to open extruder and cut the filament in the middle and then push it back up or down to remove from extruder
    No error codes - just quits extruding and continues air printing - saw a post that said maybe chamber temp gettihg too high - so will leave lid open and see if that helps but so far pretty disgusted with machine - no issues with Ender or CR-10 models but this one is a challenge - but I can r/r the extruder in record time now!
    Any thoughts/ideas appreciated (PS - also put on a new nozzle but problem is in extruder

I had this on my Ender 5 plus with Direct Drive, I reduced the retraction to 0.8mm and the Maximum number of retractions to 20. I don’t seem to have the problem anymore. I have a roll of PLA with carbon, its an ESD material, runs fine.

Thanx - gives me some more things to try!!!

Some additional info - switched to PLA filament (Prusament) and printed fine though I did keep chamber temp at 33 or below by opening top cover and turning up rear fan to 85%