KE pre-print bed touch?

Before printing, the KE moves to the center of the plate and touches down, then returns to Home, completes heating nozzle and bed, then begins to print.

Can this initial touch be prevented?


I want to do inlay printing, i.e., print the initial 2 layers (the inlay) as one print, then change filament and print the remaining initial 2 layers (use Z-hop to avoid the already printed inlay) plus the rest of the layers with a new print. This works well on the V2 because it doesn’t do this initial touch down in the middle of the plate.

You can set a filament change in the slicer if that’s what you need otherwise I’ve never seen a way to turn off that probe procedure OR you can pause the print, change the filament and then resume.

The problem is that I want to have the one color inlayed, i.e., a flat surface overall.

So, both the inlay and its surrounding base start as (normally 2) initial layers, at bed level. So, the second part not only has had a filament change but it has to start back at bed level and use Z-hops of perhaps 1 layer to avoid colliding with the previously printed part. On the E3 V2, this works well, as the print head only prints the purge strip and then begins the actual print.

I assume that on the KE the initial movement to the center of the plate and touch down is hard coded into the firmware and cannot be altered?

The one solution to my problem is to have both parts offset well clear of the center of the bed. The drawback it that this limits the size of the item.

Since I’ve only started printing in January, that’s a bit out of my wheelhouse. I have no practical experience with that type of print I’m sure it can be done via a slicer.