Laser cooling channels blocking

Started having problems with the fans, lens and cooling vans getting choked with dust and other debris, its as if the fans are the wrong way rounds, as they are sucking upwards from the cutting bed and exhausting through the top laser vents, have had to disassemble the main body and clean everything twice in 3 days

I have a similar problem with the Air Assist after dust clogged up the works. Will not function after a thorough cleaning (3x).

In the process of dealing with Creality’s customer service. I’d rather chew glass. I’m a couple of weeks into a warranty issue and it has not been a pleasant experience.

Found that if I was using the height guide with 22w mode that I had vertually no problems and only had problems with the 40w mode, so after much trial and error raised have cutting height by 2-3 mm higher (depending on the material being used ) and problem has been reduced greatly but then had to revise the cutting/power speeds