Laser module assistance

Did a test about a week ago with it … pulled it down reconnected printer … printer works

The other night went to go learn more engraving stuff set it up on the printer got stuff set opened both lasergrbl and lightburn and now it will not connect to a windows 10 machine

Got a port in use ? Message from lightburn Laser grbl … nothing

Thought the SD card needed to be in no change … put it away for the night

Went back to it today uninstalled both lasergrbl and lightburn … re installed and again same message… thought ok its the cable

Tried a different machine and usb c to usb c because well ( this one windows 11 ) lasergrbl wont connect Lightburn i dont even get a port in use message and device manager does not show a com port

Power on activity on laser module 3 quick beeps led’s on control bright beam flash and red LED’s on end unit then seems to go to an idle mode laser end fan shuts down and LED’S power off
Control box goes to a dim white