Laser Module Burnt Wires

So i was cutting cardboard and got a flare up on the board and it caught fire, i burnt the cable wires on the laser module, does any one know what gauge wires are used so i can replace all, i checked everything else on the laser all looks good, i did have to replace a y axis belt
Anyone else have any ideals on what else i should look out for
Also what else i need to consider

Things to consider in future as in don’t laser cut ABS as it can decompose into something carcinogenic? Others materials can release chlorine or other corrosive gasses too.

Or things regarding repair such as check the lens is not cracked and be careful not to remove any coatings that it may have?
As far as wire gauge goes, when in doubt going big won’t hurt.

Going off experience with a CO2 laser and as far as cardboard goes, some types are better than others regarding burning. The thinner the better of course, and you want it to move fast more than anything and then with just enough power to do what you need with air assist on.

What power was the module, I’ve been looking at one but on the fence. What’s your thoughts so far on what it can do and meeting your expectations?

Hey Mike
i have the Falcon 10w and then the 22w with air assist
was really enjoying the machine, i think the flair up occurred with possibly oils inside the carboard, the joys of not always have accurate details on materials
When i cut it is in a enclosed air extraction case with filters just like i prepared for my 3d Printers that do ABS, this machine has really impressed me for the value and cutting ability, my next machine will be a CO2