Laser not doing clean cut on curved lines


I have a problem which I can’t solve so far. I have Creality Falcon2 22W machine and all functions looks good but I can’t get smooth line on some shapes like circle or ellipse.
I checked belts, all connections are tight so I don’t think it’s mechanical problem but anyway the cuts are like on picture.

Can you help me with this thing?

There seem to be something loose, or like I had with my printer one time, some interference in the cable. On my 3D printer, I had this type of issue and it turned out that I had a something plugged in the wall near the cable going to the printer - an AC adapter - you know the bulky thing that pluggs directly in the wall outlet.
Anyhow, I moved it away and started to have good prints.

So, assuming you are not going through the SD Card, try putting your model on the SD Card and try that way.
If you are already using an SD card, ensure there is no AC Adaptor or anything that could cause interferences around the laser.

Have you tried with the example file supplied with the Laser? Do you get the same result?