Laser not working as well

I have a Creality Falcon 2 22w. I have had it for about 6 months using it 3-5 times a week 99% on wood. The past 2 weeks I have noticed the air is not fully coming on (the light isn’t turning green when it should just goes from blinking red to orange).
I can squeeze the tube briefly, release and make it turn green for a second or less.
Since this has happened I’m getting a ton of sap like substance on my pieces and it isn’t cutting as strongly as it was.
There is gunk on the little window where the laser module is. Can I clean this with rubbing alochol? Or what should I use.
The lense isn’t dirty, I checked a couple days ago and the light for it is green. I think it has to be all this gunk built up in the fan ducts maybe?

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Hi there.

Cleaning the lens should be OK with 99% IPA (Isopropylic alcohol).
BUT make sure you don’t do that on rubber or plastic parts! It might melt them. It should be safe on glass and other stable materials like metal…

Since you talked about gunk, it might be at the air output on the laser unit that you have an issue with. So let’s try a couple things to try to isolate the issue:

  • Try to unplug the air tube from the laser unit (which might be hard to do due to the barbed connector), and check if the air flow is correct;
  • If air flow is not correct, try unplugging the hose from the pump itself to see if that one is pushing air properly;
  • If this still isn’t correct, try to gently remove the filter on top of the pump to inspect it - it can be cleaned with clean whater. Just make sure you let it dry completely before putting it back. Warning: be gentle as I did break mine when trying to remove it - it still fits and stays in there, but nothing holds it in place. That isn’t an issue as long as the pump is falt on it’s legs.

At this point, you should be able to figure out if the issue is the pump, the tube, or the output on the laser unit.

Good luck!

Hi thanks for the suggestions. The issue with the air ended up just be being goofy and not knowing the air pump had a filter. once clean it’s back to green with in use.
I will be cutting tomorrow so shall see if full power is back as well.

Great to hear it was only that :slight_smile: