Leaderboard Rewards Second Season

At the end of the season, rewards will be distributed based on the accumulated :heart: (likes) and as determined by the Creality team.

The prizes for the second season are getting even better! Don’t miss out on the chance to win! Here are the categories for the second season’s awards:

  1. Ender 3V3
  2. Ender 3S1
  3. Sonic pad
  4. Hyper Filaments (2 rolls for ranks 4-12)

However, in the second season, to inspire creativity and sharing, the number of winners is not limited. Meaning, if the works are outstanding and receives lots of likes, there could be two, three, or even four first-place winners!

Lastly, same as first season, the top 12 entries will be showcased in Creality’s museum. Get ready to showcase your talent and win amazing prizes!

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