Lines On The Side Of My Prints

I am Getting Print Lines on the sides of all my Benchy prints once the model gets 1/2 high from the bed. I have this issue using a new Ender 3-S1-Pro. I DO NOT have this issue when using the same PLA and settings on my older Ender 3 pro.

I have confirmed a proper extruder calibration of 100mm. I have tried Different Temperatures between 180-195 for my PLA. I Have checked and tightened screws. I have checked and confirmed even X axis from the frame on both the left and right axis motors. I check the bed leveling every print and I am getting good bed adhesion. I am printing on glass. I have tried slowing down the print speed all the way to 50%. I have adjusted the wheel tension and belt tension and removed the bands and servo rods to confirm smooth movement without play. I am printing in a room free of drafts. I have tried increasing the model quality to 0.12 in curra. I am running out of ideas. Thanks Robert

Hey @Roberzie ,

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Just curious about the nozzle temp. Most of my Creality Ender PLA shows the nozzle temp from 190 to 220 C… Have you tried a higher temp just to see how it turns out. I know you said your other machine didn’t have that problem though…
Just wondering… :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you checked your filament settings, size, density, etc

Check out youtube for z-binding or z-axis binding heres the video i found most directly showing what may be going on about halfway into the video it is just slides of images with voice over.