Looks like CUSTOMER support is not a strenght of Creality

As customer of an CR-10S Pro, I am quite disapointed about the Creality support.
The forum is just for Customers asking questions - no reply from Creality.
The download area also forgott the CR-10S Pro, no firmeware available.
Do we need to sponsor Creality server with an additional HDD that they are able to host the firmeware for all their printers.??
And G-Code support for older models is also not existing.
– all in all no good reputation for Creality –

E-Mail also not answered. Can happen, but makes no good impression about CUSTOMER care.

get rid of the old CR10S Pro and buy a decent machine like K1, K1C, K1max, K2C.
I did and I am happy I did.
I entered a new 3d printing era with less problems and easy to use

I need print size 300x300 or bigger hence K1max ist the only option - and too expensive for me.
And with the history of support it is unlikely that I choose Creality again.

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