Low Poly Heart Pendant

  • Model:

  • heart-keychain-3

  • Selected materials: Generic Red PLA

  • Print settings: Settings: 0.1mm layer height, 15% infill, brim enabled, and default parameters for all other settings.

  • Time spent on printing: 2h (60 mm/s)

  • Description: A cute low-poly heart shaped keychain for your SO! Gift it as a keychain or a pendant. There is a quote embossed on the back, “love you to the moon and back”. I have included the .ipt file on printables so feel free to change the quote if you like.

  • Provide relevant originality proof: Printables

  • Country/Region: Canada


nice model but I think the text might be a struggle. a fatter font may work.

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Thanks for pointing it out. Luckily text turned out well. But I agree, choosing a fatter font may make it less of a struggle at higher speeds. If you’d like, I’ve posted the .ipt file on printables, so feel free to edit the font/size to your liking.