M3 thermistor for an Ender 5 plus and Micro Swiss NG extruder/hotend

Trying to find an M3 thermistor that is long enough for my Ender 5 plus, I don’t think the 1m extension for Ender 5/pro is quite long enough. Want to replace the glass bead thermistor as I will be on my third, easily broken when the hotend occasionally has a meltdown.

I believe the Ender 5 Plus uses the same hotend/printhead as the Ender 3, Ender 3 , CR-10 and CR-10S in which case the following links should hopefully help…

Official Creality 3D Printer NTC Thermistor Temp Sensor 100K for Ender 3 / Ender 3 Pro/Ender 5 / CR-10 / CR-10S

Creality Direct Replacement Thermistor for Ender 5 Plus [Nozzle]

Creality 3D Ender 5 Plus Thermistor Cable

I have that type in stock, but they are very fragile. I was looking at one of these:-


Unfortunately the cable is too short for a 5 plus. It screws into the same hole that retains the thermistor that you linked to but seems a little more robust.

Sorry Nikoli the first link is not long enough for a 5 plus, needs at least another 30cm. Second one is out of stock or I would at very least get a few as backups.

Yeah I thought I would include a few different links just in case one had no stock or one was not appropriate. You can always contact the sellers and ask them to confirm compatibility before you order from them :slight_smile:

I’ve found some extension leads that I can use to extend the remainder, but i think there is a discrepancy between the connection, needs to be SM2.54-2P not the XH2.54-2P, I’ll probably be making my own up in future as Ender 5 plus parts seem to be a bit unicorn. I did ask Creality for a hotend loom assembly before and they said they don’t sell them and use Amazon/AliExpress etc. Bought a raft of spares now, machine is used constantly along with the V3 SE.

Yep quite often it seems cheaper to buy a whole hotend than it is to buy just the parts of the hotend :slight_smile:

Yup I can get a full hotend and loom from Amazon US, free delivery, for £10 cheaper than Amazon UK. I suppose the bonus is I get brand new fans and hotend parts that I can cannibalise to use on the MicroSwiss NG, no mods.

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Standard thermistor fitted and still there is a problem. The stepper motor on the MicroSwiss NG is stuck, it just sits there juddering. Its not the stepper drivers as I swapped the silent board for the original noisy one (oh jeez is an Ender 5 plus a noisy beast, I don’t miss that din one bit) again sits there juddering. Tried manually pushing it but still nothing moving. Before ordering a new stepper motor any thoughts?

Never experienced that issue myself but if the stepper is acting the same way on both boards it could be a faulty stepper.

Alternative stepper motors to a Nema 17 LDO-42sth25-1404ac. I think the 25 is the thickness, I see nothing about the 1.8° increments.