Maintenance centre for enders

I live in Telford Shropshire UK, does anyone know of a repair centre near me where I could get my ender serviced as it is out of warranty, I’ve googled it but the one printer/3d repair haven’t replied to my email sent a weekish ago

I’ve always treated them as a DIY type product, probably nothing on my 4 printers that I couldn’t replace, that’s not a boast that’s just experience and not wanting to wait for Creality to get back to me. I can get the part next day on Amazon. Apart from the 2020 frame I think my Ender 5 plus is totally replaced, Triggers broom. I’m down in East Sussex so a little far to offer to repair it for you. What exactly is the problem? Which printer?

I brought it 2nd hand and not sure how much maintenance was done on it prior to me getting it. I have changed the extruder for a dual gear extruder as it was making a clunk sound and that was the google’d answer, it stopped it for a time but it has come back, I also have a prob with it failing to complete prints piss due to the pla being ripped thru in the extruder, also when it does print it can be very spotty and leaves blank spaces in the print lines, I run the bed level print before each use to see if that’s ok.
Also I found the pla seems to be getting thick at the hotend and blocking the Bowden tube and that causes print fails
This pic is the pla I managed to pull out.

and this is the video of it clunking.

You’ve changed to direct drive, have you reduced the retraction distance, its probably at about 5mm this needs to be lowered to less than 1mm. Lower the maximum retraction count from 100 to about 20 too. Might want to check the gears aren’t too tight too.

Watched the video again and perhaps the cable to the stepper motor is damaged, try a new one, thought it my cable was fine, but it wasn’t.

Esteps, can’t remember what I had to set mine to but I know it was miles out when I changed to direct drive. 400 springs to mind, but I am now on Klipper so its rotational distance instead.

I’ve lowered the retraction to .8 as it was a suggestion by someone else, I’ll try the amount too

0.8 was probably me, I think Lensman is more the 0.5 area. But yes 5mm is way too high for a direct drive system.