Major printing issues post firmware update

So when i first got my printer, i ran the auto setup calibration and printed its first benchy, which came out pretty ok (some under extrusion in spots you can see here, but ultimately not bad for a 16min print)

I then connected the printer to the internet and it wanted to update the firmware. So i did, thinking it’ll improve things right? I let the machine do its calibration again, and tried printing another benchy… i’ve done 3 of these now, and they all come out like this…

They look pretty horrid. The inner shells are almost not even printing causing the body to flex and crack when gently squeezed, the infil is leaving gaps in the sides of the boat, layer adhesion is bad as i can literally lift layers apart with my fingers, and the under extrusion is kinda bonkers.

The thing i noticed though, is that the first (pre firmware update) benchy printed with a brim. These post benchies have no brim. Was new g-code pushed with the firmware update too?

Can i role the firmware update back? Seems like my printer is generally unhappy with the new firmware…

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Maybe first try to factory reset before any firmware change.

I don’t know if you can downgrade your firmware once you get it.

Assuming you haven’t “rooted” the printer yet follow the download instructions…

K1 Max Firmware Download Page…

Sorry i should have mentioned that too, i did do a factory reset AFTER the update, didn’t know i was supposed to before.

I have not rooted the machine yet. Do you think that would help? I’ll download the firmware you posted though and flash it again. I’ll make sure to do a factory reset before flashing it this time.

Also, the first images didn’t really show this off, but im totally missing portions of walls too…

Anyways, i’ll go reset the machine, flash that image, and try another print.

*EDIT: Oh nevermind, i am on the latest V1.3.3.29. So should i root and try again?

I myself haven’t rooted any machines so I don’t know enough to advise you on that decision. I’m not rooting as long as things are printing well. It’s enough for me to learn as it is…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:

Im going to also leave it stock, at least until the warranties run out. Im just getting off work, but i’ll just go slice the benchy again and run new g-code. I think the model on the machine got corrupted or something. Like i mentioned, the first benchy i printed had a brim, but the benchies after the firmware update have no brim, so something in the g-code changed.

I’ll post pics and update as soon as i have them!

*EDIT: Success! It looks like the preloaded benchy g-code is just not compatible with this new firmware. Re-slicing the benchy and printing it came out just fine (on par/slighitly better than the original)

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