Making 3D print of simple logo (png file)

I’m brand new to 3D printing (my Ender 3 Max Neo will arrive this week). I want to take a company logo (it’s round) and create a 3D print of it (basically just make the flat image into a coaster with about .2 inches of height.
I have been trying various (free) CAD programs, but they all seem rather complex for the simple task I’m trying. Any suggestions/pointers to videos on how to accomplish this task? Is it something that can be handled directly in the slicer software or do I need to start with CAD?

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Depending on how complex your logo is you might be able to use something like Tinkercad to create that coaster. The learning curve is not too bad and it’s pretty amazing the stuff you can make and export as an .stl file to print. Lots of tutorials online.

If you have Photoshop (I can’t remember which version) you can export an image as an .SVG file into Tinkercad to work with.

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I use 3D Builder a lot, then fine tune with other software. MS 3D builder is as basic as it gets, which works well for me cuz drawings on bar napkins don’t convert…


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Hi, I had tried using 3D Builder, and you are correct, it’s pretty basic. I was able to use Tinkercad, as mentioned by Jim, and I’ve been watching videos.
My printer arrived today and it’s currently printing the test rabbit. I’ll try the logo that I did with Tinkercad tomorrow because it says 9+ hours to print (yikes)!

Thanks @Zerquetch and @jimandyen!

I just found out, 2 minutes ago, that Creality print does lettering now. I gotta check that out.

If you have any questions or concerns, heck, if you found a neat trick or tip, let us know!