Managed to press Wrong resets button and now its all in chinese,how do I get back to English

I pressed the wrong reset button and now every thing is in Chinese how can i get it back to English when I can not read the settings

I really want to help you, but what printer/interface?

Its A Creality Ender 3 V2 Neo Its the setting screen is now all in Chinese so I do not know which buttons do what so I can not use the printer now.

Send me a picture of the screen and I’ll have my wife translate it for you…

Lead with that next time, but take a pic of the screen with your phone and use google to translate it for you.

If it’s Creality Print, the 4th menu item from the left is Tools; the 1st sub-menu item under Tools is Language; English is the 1st choice. Did this once - frustrating until you are told the solution