Material preset issues on Creality Print v5

Hi eveyone

I’ve got a slight problem which looks like its going to cause a serious mess later on.
Im trying to create a custom material preset and want to adjust it now and then. Once you save the material preset, it shows under custom configuration and you can still edit it. No problem here.
But if i close down the software, re-open it. it’s no longer listed as a user configuration but a “Default configuration”, at this point you can’t edit those parameters anymore but neither can i delete those configuations.
So the longer it seems to be doing this… I will eventually end up with 1000 “default configurations”…
I have no clue why they suddenly appear as default configurations neither why Creality made it impossible to delete default configurations…
This is rather annoying and will cause an endless list of configurations sooner or later…
Am i doing something wrong or what seems to be the problem here?

It happens the same to me. Did you notice it also doesn’t save correct temperature for parameters? I tried to use different temperatures for bed, nozzle and also to disable cooling for n layers. I save, I use the material in the model. I also save the project as cxprj or 3mf. If I close the project and reopen it, The specific changes for material are all lost.