Melting parts around nozzle

Hi guys,


i found some black melted drops on my prints, looking closer something around the nozzle is melting apart.
Does anyone have an idea what this is and what I could do about it?

I am learning, so take the advice as such. It looks like you have a lot of melted filament built up around the nozzle and hot end. As the built up filament ages it tends to get hot and get burnt? (gets dark.)

Be very careful around the wires. Mine was so bad the wires were encased in plastic.

Do at your own risk, since I am a newbie. What I did was warm up the nozzle to temp and wipe it all down with a paper towel. Careful it gets Hot.

I also heard to warm up the hot end and then snug the nozzle. When the nozzle on mine was slightly loose, it would leak a little filament at the threads. Then do similar to what yours is doing. Building up plastic around the silicone cover. Hope this helps.