Messed up side and poor position

Using CR10 v2 printer.
But could find only CR 10 , no v2.
With new downloaded Creality slicer, created 10 multiple items to print. Preview showed the cmf file items to be around the center of the platter outline in rhe screen.
Created xy array on the screen by moving each fairly well separated.
But the print started at extreme lower left corner.
Printed only 4 out of 11.
One side of the square shape was totally mushed up in each of the 4.
How do I fix such problems? Should I select another printter? Another slicer?
I can upload the file if needed for troubleshooting

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As I’m not familiar with the CR10 but I know the Creality Print slicer has the settings for the CR10 V2

Download Creality Print HERE