Mise à jour Carte V4.2.2 ENDER PRO

Je possède une ENDER 3D Pro achetée en 2021
Ma carte est une V4.2.2 et le logiciel fourni de base est : Marlin Ver 0.0.6 May 30 2020 Ender-3 Pro (Photo jointe de la version logiciel)
À la suite d’un essai de modification dans « Advanced Setting » Estepps/mm qui est à 93.00 et je voulais mettre à 98.9 en validant avec le bouton. C’est OK. Mais lorsque je rallume ma Ender, il n’y plus cette modification…. Pourquoi ?
Je voudrais profiter de ce problème pour mettre à jour cette carte V4.2.2 avec une version logiciel compatible.
Pouvez-vous m’aider ?
Je vous remercie

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Good morning,
I have an ENDER 3D Pro purchased in 2021
My card is V4.2.2 and the basic software provided is: Marlin Ver 0.0.6 May 30 2020 Ender-3 Pro (Photo attached of the software version)
Following a modification attempt in “Advanced Setting” Estepps/mm which is at 93.00 and I wanted to set it to 98.9 by validating with the button. It’s OK. But when I turn my Ender back on, there is no longer this modification…. For what ?
I would like to take advantage of this problem to update this V4.2.2 card with a compatible software version.
Can you help me ?
Thank you

I know from the e-steps op the ender5 plus that you need to store the settings in the Eeprom. I did it with the computer, changed the settings in the firmware and uploaded that to the ender 5 plus.

So I don’t work with the same system but did some reading online.

Did you store the settings after setting them?
If you look at the YT you can see at about 3min 36 that the store the settings after they are done.