Missing layer problem k1c

Hello everyone, I have this problem at some point some layers are missing while print. There is nothing seems wrong in the slicer. I use Creality slicer.

Anybody have idea about this problem and how to fix it.

Thanks, best regards.

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What condition is the filament in…?
Does this happen with other rolls.?
Make sure they are well dried… :grin:

in my case, the problem depends on the extruder which does not pull the filament well.

I had the same problem and it depended on the spool which was positioned on the side and therefore it was difficult to pull the filament, solved by placing the spool at the back.

Hello, thanks for answer, filament is all new and good condition.
Probably because of filament stuck at some point, as alascico mention about it.
Maybe some bearing roller is the solution.

Hello, thanks for answer. I observe same reason for it. But there is a difference my spool is always at the back it still stuck the end of the some lines in spool. Maybe some bearing at he roller can be solve problem.