Moon Wall Decorative Led Lamp

This is a 3d printed Moon wall lamp.
Printed on my k1max, total diameter is 540mm
it is already cut in 4, for smaller 3d printers just resize the parts to satisfy your needs.
It has a channel where the wires can hide behind, and a channel of 10mm for led band.
Printed at 20 %infill, 3 walls, i had also ironing on, i think it should work without also.
It needs support active on all 4 parts because in the middle of the moon is a cubic cut space for cables.
If printed in one piece it should work without supports.
I put it on the wall with double sided tape.
I used a 24v led band, but it will look pretty awesome if a dimmer is used to light it less, so the shaddows will look awesome.
Link to the model Wall Moon Lamp | 3D models download | Creality Cloud

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Wow, i need this on my wall.


Great design

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Salut frumos

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Mersi! Thank you!

Thank you!

Superb model

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That’s screaming to be a clock!

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It can be, it only needs to be drilled, it already has a square hole to fit the mecanism, i think is 50mm square, i dont remember exactly, but it can easily be done bigger.

Be sure to but glowing hands on it! :smile:

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Can you tell me please, which filament color you take to get this effect.

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White is fine. I had it white with onevlayer of gray spray primer.

And? What have this to do with this post?