Mosaic palette 3 pro

I am looking for options to make my 3D printer multi color capable. I have a Creality K1.
First of all, is the Palette 3 (or 3 pro) compatible with Creality K1 ?
How does it connect to K1 for communication ?
Secondly, I assume that if I use Mosaic for input, then I won’t be using Creality’s slicer to control my printer. In that case, which software is used ? Is there a mobile app for controlling Mosaic Palette 3 ?

Hi @ilkeraktuna and welcome to the forums!

Looking at the manufacturers website they do seem to confirm that the unit is compatible with the K1 but I would recommend reading up on the following thread for more info:

I see it is only supported by accessory mode. So the mosaic does not control K1 , it just acts as an accessory feeding the K1’s extruder.

AND, it slows down to 60-70mm/s
So when multi color printing K1 won’t be able to print in high speed.

I’ve been reading up on this one to see how it would work without a bunch of modding… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

3D Chameleon Facebook page

so what do you think ?
Would this cheap solution work ?
Any modding required ?

there is also another product at

anybody with experience on that ?

I don’t think that’s even out for sale yet right…?

I like that Palette 2 so far. Really pricey though…

coprint has another product for several years. That’s on sale but I am not sure if it works with K1.
Their new product is not available yet.

Btw, I got my Palette 3 Pro but could not test it yet.
Tomorrow hopefully…

Nice. Looking forward to see how you like it…

as a newbie, I’m struggling and I’d appreciate any help.

I felt that I would be guided through the setup but in accessory mode that’s not done. So I am left alone. Mosaic Palette does not even guide me through preparing filaments.
Is there a “first print guide” for accessory mode ?

I’ve found this guide for accessory mode:

But it directly describes how to start printing.

I’m really stuck :blush:

Also, I’d like to try PrusaSlicer as well. Is there a guide for Prusaslicer + Palette 3 ?

All that is new to many of us too. You can share your experience here… :thinking:
One thing I do is look for reviews on Amazon or You Tube and learn some of the experiences there…