Mosaic palette 3 pro

I am looking for options to make my 3D printer multi color capable. I have a Creality K1.
First of all, is the Palette 3 (or 3 pro) compatible with Creality K1 ?
How does it connect to K1 for communication ?
Secondly, I assume that if I use Mosaic for input, then I won’t be using Creality’s slicer to control my printer. In that case, which software is used ? Is there a mobile app for controlling Mosaic Palette 3 ?

Hi @ilkeraktuna and welcome to the forums!

Looking at the manufacturers website they do seem to confirm that the unit is compatible with the K1 but I would recommend reading up on the following thread for more info:

I see it is only supported by accessory mode. So the mosaic does not control K1 , it just acts as an accessory feeding the K1’s extruder.

AND, it slows down to 60-70mm/s
So when multi color printing K1 won’t be able to print in high speed.

I’ve been reading up on this one to see how it would work without a bunch of modding… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

3D Chameleon Facebook page

so what do you think ?
Would this cheap solution work ?
Any modding required ?

there is also another product at

anybody with experience on that ?

I don’t think that’s even out for sale yet right…?

I like that Palette 2 so far. Really pricey though…

coprint has another product for several years. That’s on sale but I am not sure if it works with K1.
Their new product is not available yet.

Btw, I got my Palette 3 Pro but could not test it yet.
Tomorrow hopefully…

Nice. Looking forward to see how you like it…

as a newbie, I’m struggling and I’d appreciate any help.

I felt that I would be guided through the setup but in accessory mode that’s not done. So I am left alone. Mosaic Palette does not even guide me through preparing filaments.
Is there a “first print guide” for accessory mode ?

I’ve found this guide for accessory mode:

But it directly describes how to start printing.

I’m really stuck :blush:

Also, I’d like to try PrusaSlicer as well. Is there a guide for Prusaslicer + Palette 3 ?

All that is new to many of us too. You can share your experience here… :thinking:
One thing I do is look for reviews on Amazon or You Tube and learn some of the experiences there…

Hi, Ive got Palette 3 now running with Ender 6 (my K1 MAX was sent to Creality, Im waiting for its return to connect with Palette :-)). I used the Mosaic portal, first print here: Setup and Slicing for Palette 3 in Canvas - Mosaic Manufacturing. Ive mailed with Mosaic suport, they reacted quickly and usefully (mostly links to particular articles). It was lot of reading and tweaking, but Im starting to like Palette. Ive started with Canvas slicer, not sure if its possible with eg. Prusaslicer (Canvas makes .gcode file and .mafx file for Palette)