My Ender 3 V2 neo with Sonic pad randomly crashes

Hi expert. I have Ender 3 V2 neo running with Sonic pad And it randomly crashes mid print with error code key1. Can you help mě please?

Hi @Matěj_Bílý and welcome to the forums.

I would recommend trying a different USB cable to rule out cable issues and would also recommend ensuring you have done the PID tuning tests on both the bed and the nozzle to ensure the printer/pad has calibrated them correctly. One other thing you could try is disabling IOT in the advanced settings as that has been a reported fix in the past too.

There was also a firmware update in the past few days so be sure you have the latest firmware update installed too.

My Ender 5 sometimes has bouts of this. Originally it was a little lacking cooling on the PSU. Raised the whole machine up and fitted a bigger fan has made massive improvements. My SE has suffered from a key1 error but that was down to a non approved camera I was trying to get to work, that caused many many errors until I took it off and rebooted.