My K1 extruder is a mess

I woke up this morning and it looks like the plastic blow out the back of the extruder. I have tried to remove the front cover but it won’t move. I have contacted Creality to see what they have to say but has anyone had this issue before? does anyone have any suggestions. the printer is maybe 2 months old and has been running like a champ until this.

Was able to clear it up it was all stuck to the hot end any long and short of it it its back up and running 2hr job but learned a lot lol

Oh dear what a mess. If it were me it would be a full strip down, might even put the oven on to about 70-80°C to see if you can soften the plastic to make it more easy to remove. I’ve had major meltdowns like this before on my Ender 5 plus, be prepared to replace thermistor and possibly the heater.