My sonic pad cant move my axis to auto home On my ender 5 pro 4.2.7 board

I cant get past the auto level as my axis wont move via sonic pad i ha e an ender 5 pro with cr touch and 4.2.7 board.i have selected the right profile for my printer and flashed firmware.the pad is able to turn the fans on but not autohome any idea why?

There are three possible reasons:

  1. Firmware problem
  2. Limit problem
  3. Motor cable/motor/main board problem


  1. Re-flash the firmware.
  2. Exchange the limit switch wire to see if the fault exists, if the problem is solved it can be determined that the limit switch wire is the problem.

Unresolved problem requires troubleshooting limit switch and motherboard.
Limit switch: use a multimeter to test the peak file, 1, 3 feet of conduction, 2, 3 feet in the shrapnel under the state of conduction. If there is no conduction that is the limit of the problem.
Main board: Measure the voltage of the limit switch interface on the main board, is not 5V. 5V is not a problem of the main board.

  1. Replace the motor terminal of the motherboard to test. Specifically refer to the after-sales video tutorial troubleshooting.

Im thinking its a firmware problem