Nebula Pad Smart Kit + 4.2.7 MainBoard upgrade

I recently just upgraded both Ender 3 Pro’s interface and mainboard and how can’t get any of the stepper motors to work, I was just wondering if this was an issue that anyone else had encountered, or if this is an all new thing

You will need to edit the printer.cfg and change the PIN numbers to correct and flash klipper firmware to the board

Forgive me for not being well versed on the software/firmware side, but how would I do that? I figure flashing will be as simple as finding a firmware update for the mainboard that is klipper compatible, but how would I access the printers root files?

Also, for the klipper install, would I put that onto the mainboard?

Klipper is the software on the nebula pad. Check out the GitHub on root instructions so you can edit the printer.cfg to the correct pins. The sonic pad or klipper github has the examples for the PIN numbers as for the firmware you can compile using klipper using the correct settings from the root access to the pad

So just an update, first things first, I appreciate your help with this, I’m a little bit in over my head, but I’m treading with the pointers in the right direction, secondly, the software that changes the root access password to something known is currently having issues with the most recent firmware update, so it would seem now it’s just a waiting game

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Second update of the night, I have found a version that works. I have successfully root’ed into the printer, minus some software installation issues that I have yet to work out. Looking in the config through fluid, I can see stepper x, y , z, and e. Looking at the klipper documentation, I do not understand what I need to change in order to allow the stepper motors to function. I have downloaded pin out diagrams for both the 4.2.2 and 4.2.7 mainboard’s, referencing both diagrams, I can not find a value that coincides with the values within the config file as the config file has values that start with pc or on, and looking at the diagram, all relevant wires start with either c or r

Example config for the board mate

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Mate, you are a god I appreciate the help, I’ve gotten the stepper motored to work!

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Ah just call me Rob everybody does :rofl:

Well rob, I appreciate all the help, even though it may of been infuriating for ya XD


Not even slightly mate. Glad your sorted

Heyyy, may I ask what/where is this version you found that works?
I had mine rooted with Destinal’s firmware, then stupidly updated to the most recent Creality official firmware and lost root, as well as a ton of other features.