Need Help Connecting DERUC 3D TOUCH V3.2 Pro BLTouch to CR-10S: Mismatched Board Wiring

Hello everyone,

I have recently invested in a DERUC BLTouch, specifically the DERUC 3D TOUCH V3.2 Pro model, for my CR-10S printer. However, I’m facing some challenges in connecting it properly since the wiring diagram provided is intended for an 8-bit board, which does not match my current board.

Could anyone assist me in identifying where to connect the two black wires from the BLTouch box on my board? To make things easier, I will attach an image of my board with this post. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your support!

I’m stepping forward
I found a mainboard similar i can see on it
where to plug the black and white for Z stop
But they don’t explain how to connect the 3 cables yellow red and brown.
I think it’s yellow for signal, red for 5V, and brown for GND

If someone can help it will be appreciated