Need help, ugly layer finishing (Not shown, very slight layer shifting)

Would anyone happen to know what’s causing this bubbling (For a lack of a better term). It’s consistent and I’m at a loss of where to start adjustments

Hello @StormbladeGT …! :wave:

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Not sure exactly what is causing that but back to basics…

Make sure the filament is dry. Doing that can take care of a lot of problems.

Also what are your temperatures and filament type…?.. Nozzle, Bed…?

Hiya Jim! Thanks for the warm welcome!

Filament is Proto Pasta Composite Iron HTPLA
Nozzle temp is 215
Bed is 75 (adhesion is fantastic)
It’s a .6 nozzle because that’s what PP recommends
Using the “latest” cura printmill program

Gotta be honest with you here I am not familiar with HTPLA. Never used it.

I did read however that your nozzle temp could be quite higher. Maybe use the profile for PETG…

How does the first layer look like on the bed… It does look like maybe it’s not being “squished” enough meaning the nozzle might need to be lower a little. Basically lower the z offset setting a little to see what happens…

I can give that a try yeah
I haven’t noticed any anomalies in the layers that touch the bed, the squish seems to be on point. Jf anything it may be a little too much as it seems like the cubes flare out at the bottom a little lol

Ok so with the sandard PETG profile, the divets cleared out but the left side got a little more pronounced with this weird seam effect