Need help with Ender hot end cooling fan settings.

I don’t have a lot of experience with the controls. But learning all the time. I may be a little off on what I have. I have a used Ender 3 V2 with BL touch.

I am having some filament issues. Figured out my hot end cooling fan is not running during a print. I found I can go into the controls and turn it on, but the next time I go to print, it is not running again and have to manually turn it on again. I have tried save to eprom, but it still does not run the next time. (I have only tried a few times since I figured it out earlier today.)

From internet searching, the part cooling fan is controlled by the slicer, but the hot end cooling fan is controlled only by the Ender 3 software.

Lets see if I can upload some pictures to let you know what screen I use.

Sooner or later, I answer my own questions. The hotend fan and the part cooling fan had the cables crossed on the mother board. Swap the cables and running great. I guess making it more complicated than needed to be.

The fan controls on the control box are supposed to be for fan 0, the fan for the part cooling, not the heat break (fan 1)