Need serious help

I am very new to 3D printing, and I can use some help in getting the bed leveled correctly. I have tried over 100 times with limited success. Any ideas on how to help me out? Thanks, in advance!

I use the following method to level mine using a 0.02mm feeler gauge. I did NOT update my firmware version.

Thanks for this, I’ll give it a try.

Printer model? Maybe I can help you.

Hi Collin. It’s an Ender 3 Neo. I have changed the glass bed to the Ender magnetic type, and I installed the Sprite direct drive on it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Thanks for this, I’ll give it a try.

I just recently buy A K1 and then I got the K1 boost pack code but my computer shut down is there any way to get the code back

Ender-3 Neo Assembly & Tutoruial Video

Service tutorial Ender - 3 Neo needle cleaning and nozzle replacement

Service tutorial Ender - 3 Neo leveling and printing

Service tutorial Ender - 3 Neo replace the filament

ender 3 V2 Neo I just used a sheet of A4 paper and adjusted the setting from the screen
You have to make sure your printer is Level otherwise it throws everything else out I am new to printing as well

I have the Max Neo. I flipped the textured glass to print on the smooth side. Still using the original Bowden extruder / hot end. I have read anecdotal reports of difficulty printing with the Sprite extruder / hot end. One of the reasons I haven’t changed to direct drive - plus, I’ve read the Sprite doesn’t play well with the Max Neo. The Max Neo also has auto bed level which I use after manual leveling and calculating the Z offset (running Klipper on a Sonic Pad). I’ve been using mostly Petg, and have been forced (after a number of failed prints) to use a glue stick to combat warping (and sticking) on taller prints.