Negative value on bed leveling?

I just got my K1 max yesterday and ran it through the startup calibration and printed its first benchy (which came out pretty ok, little bit of under extrusion, but not terrible. Until at least i updated the firmware, but thats for a different post). I checkout out my bed mesh and… well its pretty skewed it looks like…

I read about shimming the corners to bring them into level, but how do i do that with low spots?

Congrats on the new K1 Max. I have one and love it… :+1:

As far as I know none of these printers have a perfectly level bed. The mesh data is read by the printer which compensates for it. I think there is a 2mm tolerence.
Unless it’s causing major print issues I would leave it alone.

I’ve heard Kapton tape, aluminium tape on top of the magnetic sheet, read about people using silicone on the corners (that was for KE/SE on r/reddit) but it is within the range of 2mm so I would use it as it is.

I haven’t done any big prints on it yet, literally just the benchy right now. I tend to over research stuff before i buy them and already knew about how to fix the level, but all the examples i saw were just about bring them UP to match, i was just worried about the -.2mm and how to compensate for that.

I’ll just keep an eye on it when its printing in that front portion of the build plate and see how it deals. If its a problem, i’ll try adding a little bit of Kapton or aluminum tape to bring that low spot up a bit.

Thanks for the advice!