Networking Falcon2 Pro USB connection

My Falcon2 Pro arrived. The computer is in my office. The engraver is going in my shop which is beyond the length of a USB connection. Besides I can only add an air vent in my shop. Has anyone tried networking the USB connection on the Falcon2?

They make USB-Ethernet adapters…

They also make USB-Bluetooth adapters…

Hi @Ken_NJ

I would suggest, if going the nework route to either invest ~50$ in a Raspberry Pi 3b or higher and use OctoPrint with the Laser Engraver pluggin, or go with a comercially available camera made specially for this. I’ve only tried the Mintion camera myself.

Either options will allow you to send my files over to the device and use a web interface on your phone or tablet when are near the laser to control it and start a job.

Please - please - please alway be present at the machine when the laser is on!
If it burns wood, it does burn furniture/desk (which the device may be sitting on), and being in the garage, there is a good chance there are flamable things around. Never run your laser unattended!
My routine is to always press the stop button whenever I leave the laser - it doesn’t prevent using a Pi or the camera, but can prevent accidents.

Remember it’s not a toy - it’s a tool :slight_smile:

Good luck!

For now I think I’ll hold off on this. The computer I do the design work on, Win 10 is in my office. I can still do the design work there, then put it on my MacBook and connect that to the Falcon2.