New 5 S1 put it together NO HEAT

Received my 5S1 Friday.
Put it together, so far so good
Went thru bed leveling again so far so good
Tried to do first print, the extruder wont heat up, the bed wont heat up UGH
went and got update for firmware tried installing wont go, again UGGH

Look for possible fixes all weekend again UGGH
called Matter Hackers where I bought it, have to wait for tech support to email me this is BS new machine major problem no support on weekends and wait.

Really ???

this is my second Creality but probably my LAST. Someone really needs to step up in the company and take care of after sale problems faster.

Does anyone hear have a thought ???

First thing to check is voltage setting…??

Unless it’s a newer model with auto voltage…

Considering you bought the machine from Matter Hackers I would say that its Matter Hackers that need to improve their support services. I have dealt with Creality support numerous times over the years and never had an issue and always got a resolution for any queries or problems.

I am sorry to hear you have had a poor experience with Matter Hackers and their customer support but this is something beyond the control of Creality. Might be worth ordering direct from Creality or another seller in future.