New K1 hot end upgrade installed. Next steps?

Hello, I am a bit new to 3D printing. I have installed the new Creality hot end (the one with the red silicone sock) in my K1. It sits a little lower than the original. I am not sure of what I should do next as far as calibration of the machine or print. Do I simply run the calibration routine in the printer and it will figure out the nozzle is lower? Will this give me the z offset needed? Do I then need to apply this offset in my print? I have been having difficulty finding information on next steps for the upgraded nozzle once installed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I’m not sure which new Creality hot end you are installing but the one I put in a K1 awhile back wasn’t any lower. If you can see your new one is noticeably lower I’m wondering if it’s the right one or possibly installed wrong…?

Make sure to install the nozzle last after the hot end is bolted in… Turn the printer on and heat up the hot end to 240°C and then carefully put the nozzle back in using the 2 wrenches so the hotend doesn’t break or strip out…

If in fact it is lower then rerun the calibration so it’s little brain knows what the distance is to the bed. (Z) :thinking:

Hi @jimandyen,
Thank you for responding!
I replaced the original hot end that came with the K1 (the one with the black silicone sock) with the upgraded Creality hot end assembly (with the red silicone sock). I saw another video that also mentioned the assembly sat lower. I was worried about rerunning the calibration as I wasn’t sure it wouldn’t just slam the nozzle to the bed. FYI: The nozzle is the one that came already as part of the new hot end assembly. After that new calibration, would also need to adjust the z offset in the slicer?

Using Creality Print…?

I was previously using Creality slicer via the Creality phone app, but just downloaded Creality Print to my PC.

After the machine calibrates it creates a mesh pattern of various points on the bed and how far the nozzle is. When you check the box in the picture it tells the printer to use that information and adjust accordingly. Most of these beds are off a little (or a lot sometimes)
Type in in your browser to see the mesh that the printer created.

Hello @jimandyen
Thank you for the information! Absolutely appreciated! May take a little bit (long week ahead) but will post an update soon.
Thanks again!

Hello @jimandyen,
Finally got the time to sit down and put the K1 back together and do a calibration. Bed is definitely off as far as level. I ran a quick test print just to verify things were working without any noticeable issues

. On to the next steps of leveling the bed.
Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction. Greatly appreciated.

When you run a print be sure to check this box so the printer uses the data from that leveling you just did…
It doesn’t make sense to me because you would think it does it anyways… Oh well…
Maybe run a test with and without it checked to see.
Make a 100mm x 100mm couple layers thick to see how it does…