Newbie - Elegoo PLA+ on a K1C

I need some guidance on setting up for a new filament I ordered. They had a deal going on the Elegoo PLA+, so I bought some black and gray. So far I have just been using what came with my Creality, so this is my first time using a different filament brand.

No matter how I set things up, using the generic settings or “attempting” to create my own, I can’t seem to get this filament to stick to itself. I get all of these “Fly Away” pieces as I would call them, or a hot mess where it moved and started printing a second section. Supports don’t help, there’s still a chance it won’t stick.

Is there a way to download filament settings somewhere for different brands and import them into the settings in the Creality Slicer?

Use a generic PLA filament setting, no Hyper PLA or so.