Newbie frustrations - own stl files not printing correctly

Hi everyone.

So im new to 3d printing. Got a previously owned Ender 2 pro. So upon getting it, with no experience to 3d printing I downloaded a couple stl files to start printing. Was very excited… That was short lived. Went through hours and hours of googling and you tube videos to figure out how to level the bed.

Everytime I thought I had it, then I would try and print something and would end in disaster within minutes…

Now convinced I needed new printing pads and a new heating bed, I ordered that and replaced it.
Went through the bed levelling again. Have a gcoode that prints squares. All good.

Excited once again. Started printing something I wanted… and disaster…. So now im at a point where I want to throw the printer out the window…

Then as a last resort, I decided to print something from the previous owner, that he left on the memeory card of the printer.

And I was shocked to actually see this print complete 17hrs later and nothing went wrong.

Ao I decided to print one of my downloaded files again, and disaster…

So now im 99% sure the printer is working perfectly, and the problem is with me.
Im missing something or doing something wrong .

The file that printed correctly is a gcode file thats stored on the memory card. The files Im trying to are all downloaded stl files. Then I open them with creality, press slice button, and then save to external card. This then stores a corresponding gcode file to the memory card.

Only thing I can physically see different when printing, is the file that prints correctly, prints very finely. Like a spider web strand almost. My prints seem thicker…….

So im sure there is a setting or settings in creality when slicing, that im missing or have incorrect.

Printer - Ender 2 Pro
Fillment - PLA

Poster picture is of the completed print that was successful. The video is just. A short video of what my prints look like. Couldn’t find a way to add another photo.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Added pics of the successful print. Mini shipping containers

One of the failed prints is a little boat. It starts making spaghetti after a couple of passes…


Hello @karelvdm:wave:

Welcome to the Creality Forum…! Creality

Sorry you are having so much problems… It’s kind of the learning process unfortunately sometimes…
You have to learn about the printer, what the slicer settings do, different plastics…etc… :thinking:

Tell us what slicer, nozzle temps you are using.


The bed temps are 60 and the nozzle are 200 for both prints…

Tomorrow I will attempt to print something else.

I read it might be the flow settings? If I can get the settings for the container prints from the gcode file, then I can compare and see what I have wrong….


Before you slice the model you make the settings which will be reflected in the gcode.
Temps look good although I would bump the nozzle up maybe to 220°C

Find a model of a square on Creality Print and make it about 100x100.

Take a pic of the first layer so we can see how it looks…That’s the most important thing we need to start with…

Make changes one at a time so you’ll know what effect it has.


Im a little confused,

If the shipping containers print perfectly on 200,

What difference would it make to the items I want to print, if I make it 220?

The shipping containers start printing with a very thin line/strand, but my prints start with a thicker line/strand.

My question is what setting in Creality do you adjust this when slicing?


The pictures dont reflect properly but it seems my bed level is out again :man_facepalming:

Right hand side prints “lighter” and top left doesn’t stick to the pad….

This maybe a daft question, but have you got the right printer selected in your slicer program?