Newbie help thingiverse downloads

I have the ender3 v3 2024 and I’m trying to print from files from thingiverse. I’m using the phone app for crealitycloud. I can download and put in a file but the app won’t find it,stl nor gcode. If i manually find it and try to download it pops up "abnormal files deleted. I am a newbie. Could someone please explain to me what I’m doing wrong?

You download the files with the browser on your phone? Then you have them on the phone and can see them in the download folder? Do you run any anti-virus snakeoil apps on the phone? I don’t think that is related to Creality cloud if you get “abnormal files deleted”.

Yes i can see the files in a folder in “my files”
No special anti-virus. Just usual android stuff.

I get the abnormal files deleted when i try to download with workbench in creality cloud

Hi there, I am also a relatively new user so no expert. I use Creality Print App on my Windows computer and know that in order for Creality Print to “find” any STL or other format files they must be stored in a “root” directory, not a sub-directory. I have never used the Phone App but it may well have the same restriction. Hope that helps. Cheers

Thank you. I will try that. Right now I’m having to tranfer from my phone to usb and then use usb in the machine