Newbie using on Laptop

Using for first time, I manged the whole scan, but when trying to download the system hangs, running up to 90% and then nothing.
Does it have to take long time? As I see no progress and no changes on screen

Apparently it was because I exported to dropbox folder, not sure why

Hello @ronisegoly:wave:

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Thanks for sharing that issue with us…
Is there a default folder it normally downloads to and when you change it doesn’t work…?

not sure exactly what you mean
I usually download to Downloads folder in this case I tried to use folder under dropbox (regular folder on my file system) and it hung
I did not try saving to other folders than downloads but it is no default in any way

I got it… :smiley: I was just wondering because the Dropbox I was thinking of is a cloud based system and if they are having a connection issue it would affect your upload or download…