No nozzles when starting with creality slicer and CR10 smart pro

Just started today with my CR10Smart Pro and instaled Creality Slicer.
I can not choose a nozzle in the software.

It is just empty.
I loaded a CR Pro into Creality Slicer and now I see several nozzles.
Slicing with the CR Pro gives good resluts. Is there something wrong with the data of the CR10Smart Pro when loading it into Creality slicer?

Hi @norbert_bosch and welcome to the forums.

I have not used the CR10 myself but I would recommend installing Creality Print to see if the issue is present in that slicer too.

In Creality Print I see the CR10SMart Pro, but only with 0.4 nozzle. And I can not change that or add another nozzle.
This software looks nice, but when I open a file I have to first Ctrl-ALt-Del then cancel to see the file menu. The window of this program is always maxed out and can not be moved.

You are free to alter the nozzle size and line widths to suit your nozzle size.

Here is a link to the latest version (4.3.8) of the slicer in case you need it…
Creality Print V4.3.8