Hello people. I’ve had the ENDER 3V3KE for less than a month, and it makes this noise when printing, I think it’s on the Y axis. Anyone know what can it be? I saw comments about the ENDER 3V3SE but I see that the mechanism it has is different.

I hope the problem can be heard.
Thank you so much.

Sounds like it is dragging the nozzle across the grid infill. Could try gyroid infill instead?

Hi. thank you… Yep, you’re right, I changed the infill, and the notice changed… no notice with gyroid infill… actually, I smoothly pushed the frame to the back and the noise disappeared. is there a way to fix that?.

I don’t know of a way, my V3 SE does it worse when I run at 0.1mm, Z hop should be the thing to miss it. My KE and Ender 5 plus also do it but not as bad, I just stick to gyroid and be done with it. My Snapmaker machine uses a different slicer and has a setting called avoid supports/parts while travelling and you can give it a distance, I can’t see that Creality Print has that setting, it would be the equivalent of Z hop. Found it under advanced>extruder both the avoidance thing and the Z hop/Z hop distance, that’s in 4.8, in 5.0 it seems to be under the material settings, but hasn’t got all the settings that I mentioned.

Check your bed screws are tight and also check the carriage screws are tightened to the linear rails. Had loose bed screws on one of mine.

Thank you very much, I have checked and tightened all the screws, and several screws were loose. I have manually adjusted the z-axis correction by adding about 0.1 mm and it stopped making noise, and the print is still super good. Again thank you very much.