Non-Stable Nozzle Temperature

Hey all,

I am facing an annoying problem for a while. I have creality k1 machine. It is mounted the new hotend kit on it. However it started to give 2564 error. When I inpect the hotend kit, it doesn’t seem any damage or cable connection problem. While printing something the temperature of nozzle drops suddenly as in the picture. This sudden fall makes me think it could be a software problem. I rebooted the machine. However It doesn’t work. Could anybody help me about this problem?

picture: Screenshot by Lightshot

Hi @Zübeyir_Kıdil and welcome to the forums.

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your K1. According to the wiki that fault usually requires a replacement hotend kit from Creality. Here is the troubleshooting section for reference…

2564 Error Trouble Shooting

I would recommend contacting customer support either via the live chat or via email to arrange a replacement hotend kit. The customer service email is

Thanks Nikoli,

As it has passed more than 3 months they said it is not under warranty anymore :frowning: I am trying to detect where the problem exactly is. When i unplug and re-mount the ceramic cable it prints well for a very short time then it gives the same error.

Sorry to hear your printer is no longer under warranty.

The only thing I can really think to suggest is to carefully remove the printhead cover and check that all cables are fully plugged in and seated correctly. I am wondering if there is a possible loose connection on the thermistor/temperature sensor.

The only other thing I can think of is to maybe try a 3rd party hotend kit such as the Flowtech kit from MicroSwiss. It is a very popular kit and I know a fair few K1 owners have fitted them with no issue and they are not too expensive either.

I agree with what @Nikoli is saying.

It’s also interesting that it prints well for awhile and then starts to act up again…

Would a lack of thermal compound cause that…???

I wonder if the ceramic cable is vibrating loose after a few prints…

Maybe if you haven’t already set the machine back to defaults in the machine menu…

Just covering all the basics here… :grinning:

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Thanks guys, I will order a new part of it.

In the same time I re-mount all the thing and make experiment to detect the cause of the problem. If I detect the cause of the error I am gonna update the topic for who may face this problem.

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That would be a great help @Zübeyir_Kıdil to others who might experience this type of problem. Hopefully the replacement works… Looking forward to your update. Thanks…! :+1:

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Had the same problem. Error 2654 all over. Manual extrude/retract with the default 240°C did not work at all, with 230°C only sometimes. Printing did not work reliably. With 210°C I got a 50/50 chance of success, everything above usually failed with error 2654. Got the printer for christmas and already ordered a new hotend kit. After replacing it (the replacement is the “new” copper modell instead of the older(?) one) everything goes smooth now. Still waiting for an answer from support…

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Hi again,

I have fixed the problem with replacing the hotend with a new (copper head) one. After mounting the new one I haven’t get any heating error anymore. However now I am facing with filament stuck problem. Filament is stucking in the copper plate of the hotend. The filament getting solid and it stucks :frowning:

My solution: Afterall the temperature problem has been fixed with replacing the hotend with a new one.