NOOB - Inherited an Ender 5 Pro - Need help getting started

I inherited an Ender 5 Pro and when I turn it on I get the TMC Connection Error. I have downloaded the latest firmware and attempted to install it with no luck.

I am using a 64GB Micro SD - I read in the instructions to use an 8GB or lower… does this really matter?
When I put the card in and navigate to the menu, it says no TF Card… is this because its a 64GB?

Hopefully its as simple as getting a smaller Micro SD. Anyone have any insight for the noobie? TIA

Hi @wwthandmade and welcome to the forums.

Yes you should always try to use smaller cards as not all cards work well with the printers and not all card sizes are fully compatible with FAT32.

Excellent!! Thank you for the reply.

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So I was able to update the software and the TCM Connection Error went away and in it’s place is says Ender 5 Ready, so thank you for the insight on that. Now when the machine turns on there is an awful “scream” coming from the controller. Any ideas?

Sounds like you may be using the wrong firmware. This screaming usually happens if you use a firmware that incorporates the BL/CR touch probe but dont have a probe installed. Try using a different firmware that doesnt specify the touch probe.