North Dakota Heart Keychain!


  • Printing machine: Ender 3 V3 (Core XZ)

  • Selected Material: Hyper PLA White and Red

  • Print settings: Settings: 0.1mm layer height, 2 walls 3 top 3 bottom and default parameters for all other settings.

*Time spent on printing: Around 2 and a half hours to print an entire plate of these key chains! I spent around 3 days designing the model! (It is my very first model I have ever designed myself) This model requires 4 manual color changes! In the creality cloud link I explain how to do this Multi color print. First you print the red bottom text, and you DO NOT remove it from the build plate. You then print the white part of the heart on top and they will bond together. Then with the slicer you still need to add a manual color change pause. This may be different for you depending on the layer height you decide to print with

  • Description: To my knowledge North Dakota Does not have any sort of 3d printed key chain based around the state yet. North Dakota is barely involved with 3d printing at all actually. I would like to really change that up! The Center of North Dakota is McClusky! In McClusky you can find a water tower land marking the Heart of North Dakota. McClusky is so small it only has one gas station in the entire town. You can find these key chains there and only there in the entire world! I am very proud of this key chain as it is my very first design I have ever created! This is one of the many ways how I try to make an impact in my local community!

  • Profile relevant proof: Im sorry I made the model so expensive but I did not intent to make it available to print for the public. This was something I only wanted people to have the honor to be able to purchase when they visit the state of ND. I would be so proud to have it in the creality museum though as it is the first official model I have designed and printed! Im so proud! Good luck to all of the other enteries!!
    North Dakota Heart of North Dakota Keychain! | 3D models download | Creality Cloud