Not cutting or engraving properly

I have tried many settings but it seems the laser power is not fully transmitting
Even with 100% power and less speed like 100
Very light mark comes up
My machine is only
1 or max 2 months old

Sorry - these might be stupid “first things to try”, but I need to ask…

  • Have you setup the distance between the laser and the surface you want to engrave with the adjustment spacer?
  • Have you made sure there is nothing on the lens of the laser? I could be dirty. Also, you should have received a spare lens in the package - check if it’s better.
  • If engraving, turn down (completely) the air to see if it makes achange. (When cutting though, make sure it’s fully on to prevent accidental fires)
  • One last thing is to check all connections - make sure they are well seated.

Let us know if one of the above helped.

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